About Us

Mission Statement:

The mission of the California Alfalfa and Forage Research Foundation (CAFRF) is to support research activities/initiatives that are of vital interest and direct benefit to alfalfa and forage growers.



In September of 2015, the California Alfalfa & Forage Association created the California Alfalfa & Forage Research Foundation as a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation. It has already received thousands of dollars in donations from growers and industry members. California is the nation’s leading producer of alfalfa hay.

The goal of the Foundation is to support and/or conduct research and educational activities related to alfalfa and forage crops. The Foundation will fund research projects to address a number of important topics which might include improved yields/profitability, pest management techniques, new approaches to water management, improvement in forage quality/utilization, harvest management strategies, new genetics, new varieties, alternative forage crops, and sustainability and environmental issues.

Alfalfa and forage crops have a long and storied history in California-from its early success there in the 1850s to its vital role today in the state’s $7 billion dairy industry, which now produces >20% of the US milk supply. Alfalfa and other forages are an ‘engine of food production’ – with greater than $1.4 billion dollar/year farm-gate value in California and over $20 billion nationally. Alfalfa hay is the 4th most important economic crop in the US, and second in acreage in California only to almonds.


California Alfalfa and Forage Research Foundation Board Members:

Chris Zanobini, Ag Association Management Services, Inc., Sacramento, CA

Dan Garder, MaxField Genetics, Wilton, CA

Daniel Putnam, University of California Department of Plant Sciences, Davis, CA

Rick Staas, San Joaquin Valley Hay Growers Association, Tracy, CA